Jaguar Drivers Club 
of South Australia

Est. 1973

 Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

Established in 1973 the Jaguar Drivers Club has for over 40 years catered for those people of all ages with an interest in Jaguars (including SS & Daimler models) from the 1935 SS100 to the latest 2014 XF, XJ models and the fabulous new F Type.

Club members include owners of Concours E-Types and Mark 2s, the latest  XKRs  and  F-Type  to  the  ever  popular  XJ  saloons  many of which are still used and enjoyed as daily drivers. 

If you have an interest in Jaguar cars you will enjoy the activities and friendship offered by this club.

Interested  people  are  encouraged  to  contact  us  to learn more about  club activities


Julian Lugg

JDCSA President  (2016-2017)


              JDCSA SPONSORS FOR 2016/2017
Our Club appreciates the generous support of our Sponsors and invite visitors to this site to visit our Sponsor's web sites for more information on their services provided.

Classic Marque November 2016

Club members can access the current edition of Classic Marque from the Menu above - you will need your Username and Password. If you do not know these please contact your Register Secretary or Classic Marque Editor via the contacts page  CLICK HERE

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