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Club News

SS Register Celebrates 40 Years

Posted by Philip Prior on April 1, 2014 at 7:40 AM


At the first event run by the JDCSA, a show of cars at Belair National Park, Brian Rowse met Murray Lindner and myself. Brian had met Ian Mullens from the Victorian Club who suggested we look at forming a Register with the view of exchange of parts and ideas.

With approval sought from the JDCA Committee to start proceedings the first Register meeting was held on 18th April 1974. At this stage it was SS and MK IV`s only. Brian was elected secretary but then moved to Queensland in August. Des Brown and myself are the only members left from that meeting. Malcolm Adamson joined in June 1974 and volunteered to be secretary from August 1974 to September 1979. At the October meeting MKV owners joined the Register.

As a result of the Victorian Register a border run was organised by Keith Bell to be held at Swan Hill August 1975. The first of many such runs up to 1980 when they faded out for a few years. The South Australians kept the runs going to places like James Town, Renmark and Victor Harbour etc. The Border Run took off again in 1991 when Keith Bell once again organised a run to Swan Hill.

The Border Run now includes meeting with all State clubs (except WA) every third year. Last year it was held by the Queensland Club with 47 cars attending the weekend in Dubbo.

The first hosting of the JDCSA by the Register was a wine and cheese tasting at the Tanunda Oval where 60 members attended.

As parts for our cards are not readily available the contact with the people attending these runs is important. We can exchange reproduced parts, for instance Head Caskets from Queensland, Cam Followers from Victoria, Water Pumps from South Australia as well as Water Rails produced here. Information about what parts can be adapted from other cars, i.e. Ferguson Tractor Main Bearings or Chev 350 Mains. Some hoses can also be used.

Over the 40 years many friendships have been formed both here and interstate which all started by me when Murray Lindner bought a MK4 which I helped him restore. That’s when I bought my first Jaguar, also a MKIV, so we could work out what went where on Murray’s load of bits.

Ten Jaguars later (and yes still married to Ann!) I am still happily into Jaguars. Wouldn’t have missed it for quids.





Malcolm Adamson's Mark IV  DHC



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